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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Are You Covered?

That seems to be the loaded question lately.

Health care in the U.S. can be complicated and expensive. That we all agree on.

Whether you support new health care policies or you're against them, the one thing we all have in common is we need to find ways to lower the costs of health care.

It isn't actually "health care", let’s call it what it really is - 
"sick care". And sick care is going to break us if we don’t change what we’re doing.

The best way for individuals and the companies who employ them to keep costs down is for these individuals to become healthier.

When people adopt healthier lifestyles they not only improve the quality of their lives by feeling better, they are less likely to develop debilitating diseases requiring less medications, less visits to specialists and less or shorter hospital stays. 

They also have a longer health span with the elderly being healthier and more mobile. This lowers the cost of long term care.

Then these people teach their lifestyle to their children causing the next generations to also adopt this healthier way of living, thereby lowering the costs in the future.

Lowering the cost of maintaining people's lives and providing a healthier and more productive society for a much longer period of time, is what we need to do.

The way to get the population to benefit from this relies solely in the art of prevention.
This is the only way we can get our health care costs down.

Waiting to treat after someone is sick is much more costly than preventing the person from getting sick in the first place.

And it makes no sense to those of us who don’t stand to benefit financially from a sick person.

Our money is being exhausted by a very sick society and greed is the driving force behind it.

Even with all the information on how to stay healthy, we are still falling behind in our health.

Why do you think that is?

Are people really that lazy?

I don’t think so.

Sure, there are some who just flat refuse to do what they know to do to be healthy, but the majority of us do make a good effort and have made some good strides.

We know what were supposed to eat and how to exercise, so why are we still not getting better as a whole?

One reason may be is prevention is still not the number one priority of the health professionals in this country. They still aren’t taught much about nutrition in medical school, they aren’t encouraged to teach their patients the art of prevention and there are no incentives to do so.

There is no money in prevention.

The drug companies would go broke if people started to take control of their health and require less and less medications. So large drug companies have no interest in prevention.

There would be less health professionals and specialists needed since there would be fewer people needing their services.

The food industry would lose large amounts of money if the majority of the population stopped buying processed food and fast food.

Individuals find it hard to justify the upfront costs of eating healthier foods which do cost significantly more.

Quality food supplements are no longer a fancy whim, they are a proven necessity with the lower nutritional value of our foods and sourcing quality, chemical free ingredients for them is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive in this more polluted world.

People also have a hard time carving out time out of their busy schedules to exercise. They have to work so many hours to make enough money to live on and to afford health insurance.

This country, its leaders and its citizens are looking for answers in the wrong place.

It shouldn’t have anything to do with what’s covered and what isn’t. It should have everything to do with prevention and how to get people healthier.

Providing incentives for people to adopt healthier lifestyles and making sure our health professionals and companies are all on board will ultimately lower our costs as we slowly change from a sick society buckling under the weight of the costs of maintaining it, to a healthy society that also leads to healthier economy and stronger society over all.

Could it really be that simple?
Well, it may not be simple, but it can’t be any more complicated than what we are already doing!

It takes time, effort and willingness to really want to change – not only as an individual, but as a society as well.

It won’t be easy, but it can be done.

Just like when you first start a new eating and exercise program, there will be sacrifices and pain in the beginning, but as we keep going we will find ourselves slowly improving, getting stronger, healthier and ultimately happier.

Please share with us your thoughts below in the comments.

We want "You" To Be Healthy.

Be well my friends

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