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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Basic-G vs. Chlorine Bleach

Why I choose Basic-G as our disinfectant over bleach.

Bleach is highly toxic, can be dangerous if it comes into contact with other chemicals like ammonia, is very harmful to the environment and does not do a good job at disinfecting.

Those bleach wipes you use are even worse. For some reason, people think they are safe to use on their skin – they are certainly not!

Let’s look at a few comparisons of Basic-G and Chlorine Bleach:

EPA Registered as a Disinfectant?
Basic-G –Yes 
Bleach – not always, it can depend on the brand

This is good to know if your school or business requires state approval on disinfectants. Bleach does not always meet those standards.

Residual Effectiveness? 
Basic-G - Up to 3 days 
Bleach - No more than 1 hour after application*

*In undisturbed lab conditions using E. Coli (one of the more resistant organisms in fecal material) on linoleum.

This can mean that once you clean, the effectiveness wears off very quickly. 
Not good if you have surfaces being touched quite often, like handrails, toys, counters, etc.

Shelf Life?
Basic-G -Over 3 years
Bleach - Variable, up to 1 year

Do you know when your bleach was bottled? Plus Basic-G is so concentrated, a bottle can last over a year and still be effective.

Basic-G - Fresh & Clean 
Bleach - Pungent, noxious fumes

The smell of bleach is not only harmful, it’s downright awful. Basic-G just has a very light scent of clean.

Basic-G - 1 quart makes 65 gallons
Bleach - 1 quart makes 7 ½ gallons

Saving money is so important. At fraction of the cost of bleach, 3/8 of a teaspoon of 
Basic-G concentrate in a spray bottle of water costs less than 30 cents.
What did your toxic Clorox spray cost?

Basic-G - No additives necessary; no harmful gases 
Bleach - Mixing with other cleaning compounds can create harmful gases

Disinfecting your home or business doesn’t have to be dangerous. You can still get clean without poisoning yourself or polluting the environment.

Basic-G - Not corrosive in solution
Bleach - May cause corrosion

You can use Basic-G on most any surface you can clean and it does not cause corrosion or staining. Bleach can permanently ruin surfaces

Basic-G is a fantastic cleaner as well as a disinfectant. It is also very affordable, safer to use around your family and is very effective.

Basic-G also comes in handy wipes. Use them to wipe down germy surfaces in your home, your car and even shopping cart handles.

Do some research on your current disinfectant and read about all the dangers those chemicals can cause.

Disinfectants can be dangerous, but you can lessen your risks by using a product that disinfects as well and often even better than the toxic brands.

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It comes with a full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

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