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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Healthy Tip: Eating Out, Losing Weight & Still Having Fun

We all love to go out with friends or that special someone now and then.

Food sometimes tastes better when you aren't the one having to prepare it, cook it and do the dishes afterwards!

But if you are trying to lose weight and get healthier, the restaurant can feel like a huge, fat pit.

When we’re invited, we want to go, but we can almost feel our willpower shrinking as we imagine ourselves sitting there in the restaurant and wishing that we could just order the fattest entree on the menu instead of just the soup and salad.

Well, I'm here to tell you that you can! No, I'm not lying. You can order what you want as long as you use a little common sense.

You don't need to count calories or whip out the digital scale, all you need to do is outsmart that huge entree and impress your friends at the same time. Don't be surprised if others follow your lead.

Here Are My Tips

1.) If you know you are going out later in the evening, start your day out by exercising really hard for at least 30 minutes. More would be better, but 30 is a good place to start.
Walking briskly is wonderful. And if there is snow on the ground where you live, walk in the snow, not the cleaned off sidewalk. Walking in snow makes your muscles work harder.
Please take into consideration your fitness level and don’t do more than you can comfortably do.

2.) Eat a light breakfast. I recommend one of our Shaklee180 smoothies mixed with fruit. It has the protein you need, plus fiber and Leucine to help you feel full and energized.

3.) For lunch, stay light. Try another smoothie or a Meal-in-a-Bar that tastes more like a cheater snack than a wholesome meal. Yum! You can also eat a salad with a little protein from lean chicken or hard boiled egg.

4.) Drink lots, and lots of water. Since we all need to aim to drink half our body's weight in ounces every day, try to get most of that in before you leave. It will help with hunger and it will help your body flush toxins out so you'll look radiant for the evening!

5.) Eat a light snack or salad before you go. You never know how long it will be before you actually get to dig in and you don't want to be famished. Attacking your entree like a ravished beast will cause you to hate yourself later.

Eating light earlier in the day allows you have those extra calories later.

6.) Once you are seated ask the server to bring you ice water with lemon and drink one full glass before your meal comes. This will help give your stomach that full feeling so you don't over eat.
If you want to drink something else, too, go ahead, just keep drinking water with it and you won't be sipping down the soda pop or whatever, glass after glass.

7) Ask the server when they take your order to bring you a take home box with your meal. Ignore the strange looks for now, they'll understand later.
When your order comes, put approximately half your meal in the box before you start eating. 
We tend to overeat so as not to waste money. This way you'll get more than one meal and you'll stop when full.
You can also do a sampling party with your friends by everyone sharing a bit of their meals with everyone else. Just give a little more away than you take.

8.) Take your time, chat it up, chew slowly and stop when full. Common sense, right? But if we just listen and don't talk or eat like we are going to be thrown out of the joint in under 30 minutes you will overeat and not have near as much fun. You will find yourself feeling fuller faster if you take your time.

9.) Share desert. If your friends are also watching their weight, you can all still have desert, just share. This way everyone gets that satisfying little taste of something sweet, which is all we are really wanting anyway. No harm done.

10.) Enjoy yourself! These are just tips, not hard fast rules.
If you slip up and eat half a cow along with a boat load of shrimp and half of an apple pie, it's OK. We all slip sometimes, we all indulge.
The important thing to remember is to not beat yourself up. The only one expecting perfection from you, is you.
So if you slip, pick yourself up, dust the food crumbs off and try again. I bet you will find yourself getting back on track a lot easier than when you first started.
Just be kind to yourself.

There you go. Ten easy ways to go out, have fun and still not blow your health goals.
Time with those you love is so important. Be sure to have fun while you are taking care of your health.

Wishing you a great time out with the ones that make you laugh.
Laughing burns calories - so pick funny friends.

I want to wish you all a happy and healthy holiday and New Year!
After the holidays if you would like to reset your diet and start on a healthier journey, contact me and I’ll share with you what we’re doing to get a “Fresh Start”.

Best wishes,

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