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Monday, March 12, 2018

Get Up & Move! Challenge

A colleague started a challenge for herself and others to a walking streak. She walked 17 straight days before she skipped a day. 

This encouraged me to exercise on the days I could find plenty of excuses not to.

I decided to do something similar and throw myself the challenge of doing some type of exercise every day, alternating between strength training and walking for 30 days. 

I challenge you to do something similar for yourself for 30 days. 

Make a point to do something, anything on a daily basis for 1 month. 

You don't have to train like a marathon runner, even if all you carve out that day is 10 minutes, that's still better than nothing.

Even a 30 second plank is better than 30 minutes eating chips on the couch!

Be sure and write down what you did on a calendar you look at everyday. When you see what you've accomplished over the past month you will be inspired to keep going. 

No more excuses, just accomplishments ahead!

Here is a view from my walk today. Share pics of what you did exercise wise today with others and inspire them to join you!

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