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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Cutting Back On Calories? Be Sure & Do This

That's great, but make sure you are eating regularly throughout the day and not skipping meals or starving yourself.
Doing so will cause your metabolism to slow down even more, burning less fat and you will be hungry, cranky and weak.
That will not allow you to sustain your goal in losing weight.
You will end up caving in the end, possibly binge eating and feeling horrible.
So be sure to eat good food often.
Cutting back on calories is a good thing, just don't try and do too much all at once.
Small steps each day will result in big results!

Ready for a "Fresh Start"?
Contact us today to book an appointment with a consultant to discuss if doing a "Healthy" Cleanse is right for you.
It's free!
Just click the Contact Us tab at the top of this page to make an appointment.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Stressed? Nervous? Have Nerve Pain? Try This.

Do you suffer from:
Mood swings?
Brain fog?
Hair loss?
Nerve pain?

You may be deficient in B vitamins.

B vitamins help to give you more energy by enabling the body to release energy from the food you eat. 

They also do an amazing job at helping your body and mind cope with stress. 

The more stress you are under the faster your body burns the B’s.

B vitamins are vital to the nervous system. They produce a definite chemical reaction on the nerve endings that affect the neurotransmitters, allowing messages to reach the brain. 

Countless people, including myself have achieved remarkable results from taking B-Complex to help with problems such as MS, Fibromyalgia and other diseases affecting the nervous system.

Folic acid is well known to help prevent birth defects and it is essential to have an adequate supply before a woman becomes pregnant.

B vitamins are also needed for a variety of critical functions. They form protective antibodies, are critical to the production of healthy red blood cells, are essential for normal growth and contribute to healthy skin and hair.

Food that contains B vitamins:

Fortified Cereals

It is extremely hard to get enough of all the B vitamins from just diet alone. 

Add in all the extra stress we face nowadays and we fine most people are deficient.

This is why it’s often recommended to add B vitamin supplements to a healthy diet.

You must take B vitamins together as a family.

Did you know that taking too much of one B vitamin can throw off the balance of the other B vitamins? 

That is why you almost never take large amounts of individual B vitamins alone like just B12, etc. without making sure you are consuming the other B’s in their proper balance.

Shaklee B-Complex vs. other brands

Other manufacturers often include little to none of the more expensive B vitamins such as biotin and folic acid. 
Shaklee provides all 8 essential B vitamins in the right ration including 100% of the DV for biotin and folic acid.

Shaklee B-Complex contains no preservatives, sweeteners or artificial coloring.

Prior to taking Shaklee I found other B vitamins made me jittery and I did not get the same results as I did when I switched to Shaklee’s B-Complex.

The color of your urine will turn yellow when your body is getting enough B vitamins. This is normal. 
Know that you are not wasting your vitamins. The yellow color is actually the color urine is supposed to be. 
When we are under stress or our bodies are depleted of B vitamins, urine will lighten in color till clear – a sign you are deficient in B vitamins.

I love B-Complex! 
This is one supplement I literally cannot live without. 
Shaklee’s B-Complex is the main reason I can walk and am living a normal life. 
Without it I would not be able to do all that I do.
If you want to talk more about B-Complex, just contact me. I will be happy to talk with you more on how B-Complex has helped me and countless others.

Take your free online health assessment.

It only takes 5 minutes to answer 20 questions.

Get a comprehensive review of what your health looks like today and get personalized health recommendations from leading doctors and scientists.

Receive health information sourced from publications by leading authorities, including the Mayo Clinic, American Heart Association & World Health Organization.

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These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

I Remember, George

Sharing a sweet memory here to help those who may be dealing with someone close to them who has Alzheimer's or dementia. 

I used to take care of some horses for a family who had a grandmother that lived with them who had this. 

Often I would stop in to discuss the horses, etc. with the owner and would stop to talk briefly with her grandmother. 

She started to on occasion recognize me when she saw me and would say hello. 

That began our friendship. 

I started to stop by daily just to give her someone new to see and help her not feel so lonely. It was only for a few minutes, but I came to enjoy our brief visits. 

She was funny at times and on rare occasions was lucid enough to share a story from her youth.

Her room had a picture window that looked over the pasture and the horses often hung out right outside her window. 

She loved the horses and always asked me their names, which she of course would never remember. 

Every time I visited she would ask me my name and would get upset with herself because she never remembered it.

One time she started to cry as she confessed her fear of losing her memory and the embarrassment of never remembering my name.

She couldn't remember her husband or children or where she used to live and work.

I just told her, it didn't bother me and that if she couldn't remember my name to just call me George! 

We laughed at the funniness of it and ironically, that name she could remember. So from then on she just called me George.

Her granddaughter couldn't find anyone to take care of her grandmother. She often would scream, fight and get upset with people, so she asked me to on the times she and her family needed a break and go out if I would stay with her since she seemed comfortable with me.

How could I resist?

I would sit and talk with her for a short while about the horses or whatever. She would then look out the window for a brief moment, turn back and say, "Oh! When did you get here?" and the conversation would start all over again. 

I didn't mind. To her it was a brand new conversation.

Some days she acted out in anger or fear and who wouldn't if you couldn't remember people or things or think that news story you just saw was happening to you?

It's terrifying to see them screaming the house is on fire because they saw on the news about a house fire. 

She struggled to know who I was at times, but I would just repeat, I'm George, the horse lady and she would get a glimmer of recognition and calm down a bit. 

It got harder towards the end when the family was forced for their safety's sake to put her in a home. 

The nurses said I ended up being the last person she recognized and the staff also called me George, which was so funny.

At her funeral I was not allowed to attend - other family members mistakenly thought I was after her money, which I found odd, because I thought the woman had no money - that is why she was staying with her granddaughter. 

I treasured her stories and laughter and the few memories she could share.

So I sent a huge purple flower display - her favorite color with just the words, "From George".

Only the granddaughter and her family knew who they were from and we giggled as the other stuck up family members were trying to figure out who George was. They were so afraid this "George" would sue them for her money.

I could care less.

I tell you all of this and share this memory with you to offer those who deal with this horrible disease that attacks the ones we love so dear, because the lesson is to cherish those fleeting moments of lucidity that do come and then go in a blink of an eye.

It's not all bad, even though the bad days seem to outnumber the good. Just take what little good you can find.

Your parents tolerated your toddler temper tantrums and irrational fears and now the tables have turned and you are the one dealing with their tantrums and irrational fears. 

Let their past guidance and patience with you encourage you to do the same with them. 

The parent has now become the child and it's hard on us to switch roles and see them become so frail and dependent on us when we are still needing "them" to parent us.

That is when we must turn to God the Father for his parental guidance, strength and courage that we can find nowhere else. 

He and He alone will help us take care of those who have spent their lives taking care of us and who desperately need us to remember for them.

Find the little joys in this. 

Come up with outrageous ways to remember names. 
Play games with them. 
Be calm when they are not. 
Be the rock they were for you. 

Enjoy repeating yourself over and over, because it won't be long before they will be free from the shackles of this life and it's cruelty. 

Then you will give anything to have the opportunity to repeat yourself one more time.

Take if from me, George, the memories will only remember the sweet times. ❤️

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Save the Bees!

Don't be so quick to kill the dandelions! 

They are the first food for emerging bees who are starving. 

Bees are in decline due to many factors, poisoning from pesticides and starving from weed killers are the two biggies.

If they starve and die out, most of our fresh foods will, too.

Our healthy existence actually depends upon the bees existing.

Do you part by not spraying herbicides (weed killer) and not using pesticides.

Learn natural ways to prevent pests and reduce weeds. 

They actually work better in the long run because you are working "with" Nature instead of against her.

Try our natural, safe & non-toxic household cleaners and laundry products here: 

Order our Get Clean Kit and receive free shipping off of your entire order!

Want a free sample of our multi-purpose cleaner, Basic-H? Click the "Contact Us" tab up top and tell us you would like one and we will send it out to you right away! 

Celebrate Earth Day - By Saving Money!

Dear Shaklee Family,

Earth Day is a special day here at Shaklee. 

We created the first recognized biodegradable cleaning product – Basic-H and we were the first company to be certified Climate Neutral, meaning we make sure that we offset our carbon footprint.

You may be thinking, “Well, that’s nice, but what has this to do with me?”

You are a big part of that! 

Every time you choose to use a safer product to clean with or wash your clothes in, you are not only saving the planet by not polluting it, you are also saving your health and the health of your family from the dangerous effects of toxic chemicals.

The small act of scouring the sink and washing the towels can have a huge impact on the health of all us. 

We are all a product of Nature and our very existence relies on Nature.

To help you “save the world”, we are offering a special this month of free shipping on any order that contains a Get Clean Starter Kit

This kit contains everything you need to clean your house and do the laundry. There is so much cleaning punch in this kit it will save you over $3400!

You're like, "Yeah, right! How can this one little cleaning kit save me $3400?!"

Because Shaklee's Get Clean Kit is so concentrated, a very little goes a really long way.


If you order directly from me at 
I will give you $10 cash back to spend on whatever you like!

Shaklee takes it one step further and will have a tree planted in your honor for every kit purchased.

We did a special Health Talk this month on how to have a Healthy Home and if you would take some time to view it, tell us what you think of it, then we will give you a special gift. 

To view it, click here: 

And one more special – we are giving away free samples of our multi-purpose cleaner, Basic-H². 

Enough to make one bottle of multi-purpose cleaner and one bottle of window cleaner. 

Just tell us you want your free sample by clicking the "Contact Us" tab up top and we will send it out to you right away!

In addition to saving the planet, saving your health, we also like to save you money and with Shaklee’s Get Clean line, we can save you a lot of money because our products are so concentrated, they seem to last forever!

Whew! That’s a lot of free stuff!

So don’t delay in getting all your free stuff this month and learn ways to help you do your part in saving our home – Earth.

We all thank you!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Healthy Home Health Chat

Join us as we talk about how we can have a healthy home by learning what chemicals could be making us sick and some alternatives to use.

After the video, if you have more questions, please click the "Contact Us" tab up top and a form will come up where you can ask your question and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

Please visit our website to learn more:

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Did You Know - Calcium?

Men as well as women are susceptible to osteoporosis and should take a calcium supplement as they age. 

Soda pop, smoking and poor diet all can lead to a deficiency in calcium and it's near impossible to get all your calcium needs from diet alone. 

Pregnant? Make sure you are getting extra calcium as the growing baby will rob from the stores in your teeth and bones for their needs and they also may not get enough.

Myth - calcium causes kidney stones. 

While there are times when kidney stones may be composed of calcium, it would be a very rare case that someone had too much calcium. 

There are multiple causes for kidney stones and actually a deficiency in calcium is one of them. 

Not drinking enough water and poor diet is the major contributor to kidney stones.

How much do I need? 

Life Stage - Recommended Amount
Teens 14–18 years - 1,300 mg
Adults 19–50 years - 1,000 mg
Adult men 51–70 years - 1,000 mg
Adult women 51–70 years - 1,200 mg

Studies show that higher calcium amounts are now being recommended, with an increase in Vitamin D.

The more you know, the better you can be. 🙂
For a great calcium supplement that breaks down in the system quickly, making it easily absorbed, try:

Free Online Health Assessment

Take your free online health assessment.

It only takes 5 minutes to answer 20 questions.

Get a comprehensive review of what your health looks like today and get personalized health recommendations from leading doctors and scientists.

Receive health information sourced from publications by leading authorities, including the Mayo Clinic, American Heart Association & World Health Organization.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Meet Erin: "I’ve helped over 40 moms live The Shaklee Effect™"

Erin Branscom
Erin B. (Senior Coordinator, KS)

Since joining Shaklee Erin has lost 40 lbs.,* paid off $39K in debt and traded in a high-stress career to be home with her children. Now she's helping other moms experience their own Shaklee Effect.

I dreamt of being a stay-at-home mom
I am a wife and mother of three Shaklee babies -- Kameron 11, Ethan 10, and Audrey 5. Before going full-time in Shaklee, I worked in law enforcement with troubled youth. I worked 12 hour night shifts and almost 60+ hours a week in my job and did Shaklee on the side. I used to get up early and sacrifice sleep to call my team and work my business. I was exhausted and drained. I dreamed of being a stay at home mom. I remember crying and praying to be at home with my kids. I desperately wanted to become a Mom who was fully present in my children's lives. I felt like my kids were getting cheated. They had an exhausted Mom who was always too tired to play with them. My husband made a deal with me. If I could pay off 39k worth of our debt, then I could work from home doing Shaklee.

It took us 13 months, but we did it! We paid off the debt and for over two years now I have been at home with my kids working Shaklee part time and getting paid a full time income. I make as much now as I did in my job in law enforcement.

Shaklee has changed my family
I feel like I am a completely different person after beginning my Shaklee journey. I am a huge believer in personal development. It is so difficult to grow without personal and professional development. I have invested in myself with training, travel to Shaklee Regional and Global conferences, and by always learning. I am also always encouraging my team to do the same and grow. Shaklee has changed my family. We are now able to travel together, and spend more time together.

This year we decided to homeschool one of our children. Working from home part time allowed me to be able to do that. My son got everything he needed education wise and I still was able to work. My son also got to learn a lot more about Shaklee, watching me work. We spent over three months this year learning about the Mayan culture. We are on track to double qualify so that we can take my son to Mexico this year on the Dream incentive trip and actually see the Mayan culture firsthand. What a treat!

And, we have a Shaklee car! I travel so much to see my team. Having a Shaklee car to do that has been so fun! My kids named it 'Shaklee' and now they think that every white Chevy Cruze® we see is a "Shaklee!" I also have lost over 40 pounds* on Shaklee 180®. Before Shaklee 180®, I parented from the couch. I didn't play with my kids and I was not a very active person at all. Now I am training for my first Triathlon this August right after Long Beach! I am training and using Shaklee 180 and feel better than I ever have!

From the trips, to the car and most of all better health -- we are so grateful for this Shaklee lifestyle!

Coaching and mentoring other moms to work from home
Now my passion is helping other moms. So far, I have helped over 40 moms be able to earn an income from home while being fully present in their children's lives. What a gift!

One of my distributors has a disabled son. She was able to work her Shaklee business part time and be home for her son. She has also been able to use her Shaklee income to pay for a special wheel chair van for her son.

Being able to work from home and be at home with your kids is an incredible feeling. I love coaching and mentoring other moms and seeing them be able to take care of their families' right from home. Thanks Shaklee!

To learn more about Shaklee and the opportunity it may hold for you, please click the "Contact Us" tab up top and tell us you would like more information. We will then be happy to send you the information you need, speak with you individually and answer your questions.

You may also visit our site: Why Shaklee

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