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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Did You Know - Calcium?

Men as well as women are susceptible to osteoporosis and should take a calcium supplement as they age. 

Soda pop, smoking and poor diet all can lead to a deficiency in calcium and it's near impossible to get all your calcium needs from diet alone. 

Pregnant? Make sure you are getting extra calcium as the growing baby will rob from the stores in your teeth and bones for their needs and they also may not get enough.

Myth - calcium causes kidney stones. 

While there are times when kidney stones may be composed of calcium, it would be a very rare case that someone had too much calcium. 

There are multiple causes for kidney stones and actually a deficiency in calcium is one of them. 

Not drinking enough water and poor diet is the major contributor to kidney stones.

How much do I need? 

Life Stage - Recommended Amount
Teens 14–18 years - 1,300 mg
Adults 19–50 years - 1,000 mg
Adult men 51–70 years - 1,000 mg
Adult women 51–70 years - 1,200 mg

Studies show that higher calcium amounts are now being recommended, with an increase in Vitamin D.

The more you know, the better you can be. 🙂
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