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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Are You A Lonely Mom?

Being a stay-at-home mom is wonderful.

Being there when the kids wake up and also being there to snuggle and read bedtime stories is a feeling of blessedness.

The mom (or dad) at home arrangement has many benefits. We all know what they are, but it also can have many drawbacks. 

Some of those would be a tighter budget, loneliness and probably one of the most troubling is the feeling of lowered self-esteem.

Many stay-at-home moms and even moms who work outside the home may have given up their dreams for their families.

They often have given up fulfilling careers that may even pay better and have more job satisfaction. 

They may also have given up the dream of further education and pursuing a specific career.

It is common to find that women feel their very identity gets lost, especially if the woman ties a lot of her identity to what she did in her career. I know I did.

While it’s been touted many times that if a mother was to get paid for all the “jobs” she did, it would be well over $100,000 or even incalculable, those statements fall flat when the realities of life are staring back at us.

It can be easy for a mom to get lost in the day to day grind of diapers, dishes, laundry and all the endless chores.

Some women continue with their career and some women don’t. No mommy wars will be raged in this article, I assure you.

But whatever the path a mother chooses, there always seems to be huge sacrifices she has to make and that is simply not fair. Either choice can cause a sense of low self esteem, depression and loneliness. 

I see both sides because I have been both a working mother and a stay-at-home mother and I’ve cried over the sacrifices I’ve made in both.

I've cried when I had to leave my baby to go to work and I've cried at missing seeing a paycheck with my name on it and the feeling of accomplishment I got from my work.

I thought - you cannot win. Either way feels like a loss.

One day years ago while I was complaining about all this to another mom, a woman who actually was able to merge both worlds of working and raising her 5 children successfully asked me questions that changed my life. 

She asked, “Have you ever considered doing what I do? Have you ever wanted to have your own business?”

I halted mid complaint and thought, “Well, maybe. I mean who wouldn’t want to be their own boss, make a lot of money and still stay home with the kids?”

Is that even possible?

Then she began to show me what she did and how she did it.

She painted a picture for me and I could see myself in it. Slowly at first, then more clearly.

I actually saw, “me”.

I saw me not being so lonely, so isolated, so lost in being a mom, which I loved being so dearly, but felt I lost me in the process.

I saw me accomplishing my dreams, making my own money again and making a difference in the lives of others, all while still being there for my family.

Maybe you’re there.

Maybe you’ve been tearing up a bit as you read this because it describes you.

Do you feel you’ve lost, “you”?

Do you feel all you do is work, both in the home and out taking care of others?

Do you feel you are just treading water, barely keeping afloat?

Do you miss making your own money, or more money?

Do you feel unfulfilled and your talents are going to waste?

Then I will ask you the same question that someone was kind enough to ask me, “Have you ever wanted to have your own business?”

If the answer is yes, even a weak yes full of doubts and trepidation, then why don’t you take a leap of faith and learn more about it?

I know it’s scary contacting someone you don’t know and leaving your info to have someone contact you, but I assure you we have a legitimate business you can check out and check up on to verify what we say is true.

If you feel the time is right, check out our website here: WhyShaklee

and then click the “Contact Me” tab up at the top of the website’s page and ask to set up a phone interview to evaluate our business plan and see if it might be a fit for you.

There’s no obligation and we don’t automatically add you to any lists or share your information. 

We just offer a welcome option to moms who may feel there’s something missing in their life.

I promise you we are real moms who run their own businesses helping other moms just like someone helped us.

Watch this short video of moms who understand about isolation that moms feel sometimes and how they feel about having a business that helps others. 
Then check our company out and let us know if you would like to learn more.

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