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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Health Tip - Antibiotics & Probiotics

In today's health tip I discuss what to do when taking antibiotics and probiotics, and when to take them.

Here is the link to the probiotics I recommend to our clients - 


This is a system of both the Probiotic- Optiflora and the Prebiotics, which are essentially food for the probiotics. 

If you are not used to taking a good probiotic, I recommend starting with only the probiotic capsules for the first 30 days, then slowly adding in the prebiotic powder after that. 
If you take the prebiotics too quickly while your gut is trying to heal, it could cause some uncomfortable feelings in your gut. 
So you will want to take it slow and use only the probiotic capsules at first.


Please contact me for a consultation and I will be happy to help you decide which route is best to take for you.

Happy gut health! 

Here is the link to your Free Ebook - Nutrition Your Doctor Wasn't Taught

I hope you enjoy it! 

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