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Sunday, November 11, 2018

A Special Offer To Veterans & Their Families

Often times the pay of our military is less than desired. Add in the pressures of relocating often and possibly raising a family can make it difficult to make enough. Many military personnel and/or their spouses have a side gig to earn extra money.

This can often mean starting a home based business, but that can be hard to do with the lifestyle they live.

Because of their unique circumstances the business would need to be mobile, easy to do and be acceptable by the base commander. 

They also need a product that is consumable, meaning that the product once used up would be repeatedly bought.

You can only use so many purses & jewelry. Not that there is anything wrong with selling them! It’s just you constantly have to find new customers.

With Shaklee your customers are repeat buyers – buying what they already use every day, making Shaklee very marketable to the military family.

Add in all the great ways to earn money and you have the perfect, portable business.

And now you can get started at no cost!

Shaklee welcomes our veterans to join us and create their own Shaklee Effect™.

To honor our veterans, Shaklee offers a special Veterans Promotion of a free distributorship (Distributor Welcome Kit, $49.95 value) to veterans, including those in active military service, to thank and honor them for their service to our country.

This means you can start your own business with no start up cost!

There is no expiration date for this offer at this time. Proof of military service is required.

We are so thrilled to hear about how our Shaklee Family is using this special offer to build their business and help those in our military to do the same. 
Check it out...

"My daughter who is a business builder herself and also is in the Air Force got the special for her boyfriend who is also Air Force.  He is spreading the word about Shaklee to his family and friends in Puerto Rico.  Also my daughter just sent in proof of military employment for another Airman last week.  It's a great thank you to our current military and veterans!" - Julie Curtis, Senior Director, OH

"I've been using this offer as an opening to talk with people.  I say, ‘Were you or your spouse in the military by any chance? Shaklee is currently offering free Distributorships for military and Veterans.’ I also have suggested members who are Veterans upgrade to Distributors.  One of my longtime Members upgraded via the Veterans program and his group volume is already around 500 per month.  He is very excited about the business." - Reid Bryce Robbins, Associate, MN

If you would like to learn more, please fill out the “Contact Us” form up top and tell us you want to someone to contact you about the Veterans program we offer and we will be happy to answer any question you may have.
You may also click here if you are unable to see the above form on your device: Contact Us

This is just one small way we like to say thank you and your families for the sacrifices you make every day to keep us all safe.

You can also check out our short introductory video here:

Hey! If decide you want to get your Free business kit, get with us first to be sure you get it for free!
We have to get some info from you first so we can be sure to add you on as a preferred veteran! 

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