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Monday, November 5, 2018

Neuropathy Testimonies

Neuropathy –“Saw Results After 3 Days”

I don’t know anything about neuropathy personally, but what I do know is that when the Vivix testimonials came out I read one about neuropathy. 

My brother in law is a Type 1 Diabetic. He has been since he was 18 and has had neuropathy forever. When he read the testimonials about how Vivix helped that, he immediately became a member and ordered Vivix. He had taken Neurontin for a long time.

As soon as he started (taking Vivix) he said after 3 days his neuropathy was gone. He could not believe it. So now he takes no Neurontin, just Vivix and has talked to a lot of people about taking Vivix.

Hope this helps.

Sherry R.

Neuropathy – Paul “Now Virtually Pain Free”

First let me start by saying I have been a type 1 diabetic since I was 17, I am now 52 so that’s 35 years being insulin dependent. 

I have had some diabetic complications, but the worst would be neuropathy, where your nerve endings don’t seem to “talk” to each other in the correct way. 

First, it makes you feel like your foot or hand has fallen asleep, but the pain gets to feel like someone is sticking thousands of pins in your hand or foot. 

The easiest way to explain the pain is when your hands are real cold and you run them under hot water, but the pain lasts 24/7. Well I was put on a drug called Neurontin, which has some very negative side effects.

Dan talked to me about Vivix while I was in Cincinnati for Riverfest last labor day, and said our mother was taking it. 

I never gave it a second thought as I never believed “natural” medicines could outperform prescription medications.

While visiting my mother recently, I discussed Vivix with her and she gave me a bottle to try, Keep in mind that with Neurontin I still had Peripheral pain, but with Vivix within 6 DAYS the pain was almost gone. I slowly weaned myself off the Neurontin and have been virtually pain free.

I have other diabetic complications that my body is responding positively to Vivix and may have more testimony in the future.


Neuropathy – Mike “Pain & Swelling No Longer In Feet”

I have been diabetic since 1996. I have neuropathy in my legs and feet. On the days at work when I have to be on my feet for 5 hours or more, I would leave here limping because my feet were so swollen I could barely walk. I would have to go home and elevate my feet and legs for an hour or two just to be able to function in the evening.

I started taking VIVIX in 2008 and within about 3-4 months I noticed that when I left work I did not have to go straight home – I could go grocery shopping or run errands and the pain and swelling was no longer in my feet. 

I can’t say that the VIVIX gave me more energy per se but rather I describe it as more endurance. I won’t go a day without it!

Mike F.

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