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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Tips To Help Relieve Stress During The Holidays

Holidays & stress. They can go hand in hand. 

Even if all of your family gets along, it can still be stressful with all there is to do. 

Be sure and keep yourself sane with a few tips:

1. Don’t let it get started. 
Stress is the number one killer of people and fun. So don’t let it get started.
If you know that one family member is going to say something that will set you off, enlist help from others ahead of time to head it off. 
Give them cues so they can help change the subject or interject for you while you hurry out of the room to avoid a conflict. 

Spouses, this is where you can really help out.

Figure out ahead of time what you dread about the upcoming holidays and make a plan to make it better.
Enlist help and decide what you want to achieve. 

Take back the holidays!

2. Decide ahead of time what you can live without. 
Does your house really need to look like a magazine? No, no it doesn’t. 
Simple is often better. Your guests may say how cute, but won’t care that you spent $300 and a week decorating non-stop. 
Keep it simple, affordable and easy on yourself. 
Also, ask for help with cleaning and it’s OK, I threw all the extra clutter in my closet, too. ;)

3. Ask for help with the cooking. 
Your guests will feel more useful if they can help.
Most people want to help, but are afraid to ask for fear of hurting your feelings or offending you. 
So tell them ahead of time what you need help with. 
Is it to bring the desserts? 
Help with mashing potatoes? 
Entertaining the kids? 
Name it and expect the help. 
Don’t forget to ask for help with the dishes. Some of the best conversations can be had during that time.

4. Enjoy your company. 
Don’t get so caught up in the preparation, the presentation, the cleaning up that you miss the people who are there! 
Take time to be happy and enjoy your guests.

5. Keep Shaklee’s Stress Relief Complex on hand. 
The very best at keeping you from losing your temper or hiding in the back bedroom closet from the people whom you love, but who are driving your crazy! 
You will stay alert, but notice that things just don’t bother you as much. 
Very handy to have on hand this time of year.

6. One more tip – always feed the kids first. 
They then can play while you eat in peace…hopefully. 

The holidays can be stressful, but they can also be enjoyable.
Have a plan to handle the negative aspects of them and make a promise to yourself to take time to enjoy the ones you love.

Be well my friends,

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