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My Story - How Shaklee Has Healed Me

I would like to share with you why I love Shaklee, how they have helped me and why it has compelled me to want to help others.

Years ago, I started taking the Shaklee supplements when I was introduced to them by a friend. I was very sick and in a lot of pain. I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, as well as the beginning signs of MS. I also had injured my back and I have 2 herniated lower discs as well as nerve damage.

I was a mess and was experiencing serious side effects from all the medications. At that time years ago I had lost my job, my home, everything. I wanted off the prescription drugs and I wanted my life back.

My friend showed me that nutrition plays a very important role in how the body heals and repairs itself after an injury or illness and if I would just give it the nutrients it needs it may surprise me on how much better I could feel. I had to try something.

Well, to make a long story short, I started to feel great!

In a very short time I was able to get off all medication, I was able to start back to work and start back to having a normal life.

I also realized that not only is it important to have good, quality and safe products to put in our bodies, but also to have safe products to use on our bodies like natural skin care and in our homes like non-toxic cleaners. Using safe, non-toxic cleaners around my family is very important to me.

Using the supplements and safe cleaners became even more important after my son was born. Being an older mom, the doctors were impressed with how well my blood nutrient levels were and still are, and they encouraged me to keep taking the Shaklee supplements.

I had been using Shaklee products for several years when one day after several successful years with the company I worked for, I was suddenly laid off.

I was stunned and scared. I wasn't sure what I would do for money. I desperately wanted to stay home with my son, but wasn't sure how I could afford to.

So I started to look at the Shaklee opportunity and saw a way to do both. I didn't like the idea of selling. But with Shaklee, I don't sell - I share and teach. Simple as that. This is truly an opportunity that can provide you with many benefits.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the products or the opportunity, contact me and I will be happy to help! Just click on the Contact Us tab up top and fill out our contact form and we will get back to you. Be sure your contact info is correct before submitting. You can also email us at

Thank you.


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