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Below is a list of videos worth watching. 
They are short, but very informative.
For more information on the products mentioned or for information on how to start your own business, please visit our website: To Be Healthy

Blood Pressure

The Shaklee Effect

You're Invited! Join Us!

Dr. Lori Johnson, WA, a chiropractic physician wanted to set an example for her patients to become healthier. And, she wanted to fit into new swimsuits for a trip to Hawaii. So, Dr. Lori decided to get to a healthier weight herself and got serious and committed to the Shaklee 180 program. And it worked!

Dr. Lori Johnson

Oprah Loves Shaklee - Oprah Winfrey shares why she loves Shaklee products so much.

Moms Making a Difference - Find out how moms made a difference in their family's lives.

Toxic World Huge numbers and quantities of chemicals surround each of us today. Being informed is just the beginning.

Tips for Healthy Aging

Weight-loss tips, myths, and pointers with Dr. Jamie McManus and Pamela Riggs!

Learn more about Interferon and how it works in the body:

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